AviAROMA Airways is pleased to present Duccio and Iris. They will become your friends in the world of AviAROMA

Allowed by M. Zei

For all candidates for employee selections, we remember to send the email with CV, passport photo and full-length photo to lavorarein@aviaroma.com thank you. Please do not use the email vola@aviaroma.com as applications will be deleted. The operations relating to the recruitment interviews will start from February 15th onwards.

FRIDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2023 AT 11:00


For the livery, AviaRoma relied on Brando Maria Baratti, a young ATPL pilot, flight instructor and designer of logos and brands in the Aviation sector, already the author of the Aeroitalia livery.

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The Fleet

Enjoy your flight with style

The AviAroma fleet will develop to serve 4 segments.

Micro Range

Short Range

Medium Range

Long Range

The development plan of the airline provides for the development of the fleet with the following aircraft.

MICRO RANGE Max 90 minutes of flight

We'll connect the wonderful Italy point by point and even more. In Italy, there are many airports that are gradually making themselves suitable for scheduled connections. In some small airports, we will use the brand new and phenomenal 19-seat CESSNA Sky Courier, and in some others of small-medium size we will operate with ATR 42 and 72.

Important Notice: It should be noted that the airline will adopt Sky Courier as soon as the first aircraft are available for sale in Europe. However, the implementation of the segment will continue with the Dornier 328 Eco.


SHORT RANGE MAX 180 minutes of flight.

 We will connect the main cities of Europe and the Mediterranean basin with an extraordinary network in the Balkans.

MEDIUM RANGE up to 300 minutes of flight.

A network towards Africa, towards the main European tourist destinations, and at the service of European and African citizens to reach splendid Italy.

Airbus A318

Airbus A319

Airbus A320/NEO

Airbus A321/NEO

LONG RANGE. Over 300 minutes of flight:

We will connect the world, 5 continents, with powerful, comfortable and safe, and very large planes. We don't set limits and we'll move around the globe to get anywhere and bring people to Italy from anywhere.

Airbus A340 300/500/600

In 2025 AviAROMA, in the very long range, will put the first 2 into the fleet  AIRBUS 380-800

AviAROMA is already thinking about a new segment for the future in the next 3 years. The long-haul business with 6 and 12-passenger aircraft. An exciting new segment. Perhaps this will be our livery for the Long Range point to point segment. The new travel frontier is coming, and soon we'd like to give you our interpretation of the long journey, ever more personalized and ever more convenient.
Otto Aviation's Celera 500 and Celera 1000 are the chosen project for this new segment. We are really looking forward to it. For now, we are waiting for the certifications of the extraordinary aircraft designed by the American company in 2023. https://ottoaviation.com/