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Announcements issued by Leone Capital LLC for AviAROMA

REPLY TO JP4 JANUARY 2023 ISSUE (attached below this press release)

We have read with great interest what the praiseworthy magazine JP4 writes about AviAROMA.

And once again we have realized that reporters, journalists, and even specialized journalists are animated by a sense of omnipotence, if they often make rash judgments, often without any concrete proof. Now we have arrived at the non-chronicle, that is, invented news with judgments given before any confirmation, only in order to play at being authoritative in the sector.
Let me be clear, every month we read with deep interest what JP4 writes, which collects news of the beloved aviation sector from all over the world, so the judgment on JP4 is, we repeat, very positive. But it is known that after Covid everything has changed and even the grown-ups sometimes slip into absurdities, like this one.
The article, if we really want to call it that, reports a series of news and indiscretions that have never been endorsed or communicated by AviAROMA and in fact, the article, or what it is, runs into notable inaccuracies because it lacks our version.
Well yes, AviAROMa is a project of an airline that is being born. JP4 has found us and other magazines, as well, have found the proof down the rabbit hole.
But who told JP4 that AviAROMA will be an Italian company? So who told JP4 that ENAC should know something about it at this stage? And then, even if it were, who authorizes ENAC to divulge confidential information? And again, who is behind it or who isn't, what's the news?. What if Elon Musk or Soros was behind it? Would it be less imaginative?
And then, there is a law in journalism, whoever writes this release knows it well. If there is no news, nothing needs to be written, if you have a hole in the page, the last thing you have to do is invent an article from scratch. There have never been AviAROMA press releases addressed to the press, the nascent company is well aware that in Italy, there is a craving for hatred, denunciation, and criticism of ideas and projects before they come out in the open. If it were for these people we would still have square wheels.
Then writing an article that actually says "we are writing nonsense and we are ready to apologize" is a record of the theater of the absurd.
Serious people work in AviAROMA, and we will communicate at the right moment who they are, with passion, and solve a new problem every day to reach the goal. In the new world, built with the logic of this article, there is never a certainty of anything, and this is the reason why the committee of good and passionate people who are proceeding towards the goal, has decided not to have any relationship with the press right now. The trade unions already take care of distributing things that are not verified. Sites and small websites, gossip talkers, haters, frightened competitors, informers and all that ream of people who have made Italy a country that has blocked the vision for the future are already thinking about it.
There are emails on the AviAROMA site, they work and are incredible, in face of the screen there are people who could answer questions, clarifying the status quo of the company, explaining the whys and wherefores. JP4 has decided to hear anyone but not the source, to have confirmation or not.
We don't want JP4's apology, there's no need, the grown-ups can make mistakes, we just want to be left alone to work, to present our project to the public when it will becomes something that flies.
Thank you

Press Release December 2022
Leone Capital LLC, specifies that as a partial reform of the press articles that appeared in some esteemed newspapers, the company did not intend to continue with the acquisition of Ego Airways Spa, after some operational difficulties were identified which reduced the minimum acceptable risk the benefits of the acquisition project.
Ego Airways Spa has stigmatized in a specific press release, that Leone Capital LLC has not proceeded with the punctual payment on the expiry date set by the transfer agreement. This circumstance is true, but it is equally true that the contractual summary provided for the loss of a deposit that was duly paid into the coffers of the shareholders of Ego Airways Spa. What happened falls fully within the prerogatives of Leone Capital LLC, which as the promissory buyer has decided not to proceed with the acquisition.
We are very sorry for not having been able to save the company Ego Airways Spa, but technically this would have weighed down the AviAROMA project too much. Leone Capital LLC has no role or responsibility in the debt situation in which the airline EGO Airways Spa found itself, which ultimately defined the need for liquidation.
The AviAROMA project proceeds unabated with the plan already envisaged as an alternative to what would have been possible with the acquisition of Ego Airways Spa.
It should also be noted that the AviAROMA website indicates that an event linked to the birth of the company will take place on February 15, 2023. It does not specify at all, as reported by some press organs, that the first flight is scheduled for that date.
For any information, journalists are invited to write to

FRIDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2023 AT 11:00 

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