Gastronomy on board

Your favorite restaurant, in the clouds

The company will adopt a gastronomic policy focused on Italian excellence, fresh products, on new ways of cooking on the plane.
It will also have a vocation for the circular kitchen, where the raw material is the protagonist and is 100% respected.
It will be the first cruelty-free airline and will only serve cultured meat, without killing the animal. We love our environment.

A nice fresh Italian draft beer. A standard that AviAROMA makes available to its beloved passengers. As well as a cocktail, made on the spot or a good espresso or an authentic cappuccino in a workmanlike Italian manner.

No misunderstanding, no OGM, no chemical, no wizard's magic, our cultivated meat is clean, genuine, and exquisite MEAT! We contribute to saving our planet. That's it!

It will be a unique experience.

It will be the tastiest flight in the world.

We are about to light the stove....wait a little longer.....