On this page you can find and listen to the musicians sponsored by AviAROMA. A playlist that you will find exclusively on board the most important international music news and the most interesting emerging artists. Your future airline will always accompany you on the wonderful journey of culture.

Today we introduce the sumptuous Kenn Bailey

Kenn Bailey, originally from England: songwriter, saxophonist and performer; considered one of the last extraordinary new talents of the European soul scene, he mixes funk, nu-jazz and r'n'b with originality, symbiosis of a refined and powerful identity creating a profound and multifaceted artist. Since he was a child, he took his first musical steps in the gospel church, an ideal place to practice and create various musical projects and collaborations, among which he has collaborated with: Gamma3, Gospel Times, Joyce Yuille, Mario Biondi, Cheryl Porter Group and many others. His curiosity and his great talent led him to travel the world performing in the most prestigious Festivals and Clubs, sharing the stage with numerous artists from the international Pop, Blues and Jazz scene. In 2023 the new album produced by Appaloosa Music (company of Leone Capital LLC as AviAROMA) and Quercus Production will be released. Meanwhile, he listens to the single SAVE ME. Learn more at www.kennbailey.com

John Mayer

John Clayton Meyer (born October 16, 1977, in Bridgeport) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Landed in a style halfway between pop rock and blues after a more acoustic debut, in his solo career he has released eight studio albums, five EPs, and three live albums, selling a total of 20 million records.

 He has also won many awards including seven Grammy Awards, including one in the category "song of the year" for the song Daughters.[3] He is also a member of the supergroup Dead & Company and the blues rock group John Mayer Trio. We present the entire album Paradise Valley.

Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang, the stage name of Jon Gordon Langseth Jr. (Fargo, January 29, 1981), is an American musician, guitarist, singer, and composer, best known for his way of singing which is very reminiscent of the forties style. Jonny Lang began playing guitar at the age of twelve after his father took him to see a concert by the Bad Medicine Blues Band, one of the few blues bands in Fargo. After that episode, Lang will begin taking guitar lessons from Ted Larsen, the guitarist of the Bad Medicine Blues Band. A few months after taking lessons it will be the young Jonny who will become the guitarist of that group, which after this change will be renamed "Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang". The band moved to Minneapolis - Minnesota where they recorded the album Smokin as an independent group when Lang was still only fifteen years old.

Louis Cato

Louis Cato is the bandleader of The Late Show Band, the house band of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Cato is a multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, guitar, percussion, low brass, and more, as well as vocals. He is also a songwriter, with one album to his credit and a second in production. Louis Cato was born on May 3, 1985, in Lisbon, Portugal to African American parents. At the time, Cato's father was stationed in Portugal by the US Army, but the family fled the country a few months after Cato's birth and he grew up in Albemarle, North Carolina. His mother was a church organist and Cato began playing the drums at the age of two. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts for two semesters before leaving in 2004

The Huntertones

Huntertones brings together people from all over the world with fun, imaginative and fearless music. Their high-energy, horn-driven sound features genre-bending compositions and unconventional covers. Each show is a social experience celebrating the joy of music. The band was formed in Columbus, Ohio, and is now based in Brooklyn, NY. They have performed in over 25 countries around the world and continue to tour throughout the United States and abroad. Huntertones claims more authority than ever as they drive into their 10th year. Their latest release, Time to Play, puts listeners front-and-center for a highly collaborative epic musical journey. ‚Äč "Soulful, tasty, and groovy. I dare you not to dance or be in a good mood during and after listening to this beautiful music" -Lionel Loueke "The Huntertones are a band propelled by a horn-driven focus on explosive, imaginative compositions and genre-defying." -PopMatters "Honest, genuine, skillfully performed music without limitations that are uplifting and cannot be quantified." - Jon Batista