Pre-admission forms page

Here you can download the pre-admission forms for AviAROMA job interviews.

MODULO: Questionnary ref ##1 scarica qui


Send the form without signing it with your personal email, only if you have already received the email requesting to complete the form.

The Ref ##1 form is the first step to be admitted to the interviews. It will be used anonymously, associated with your name only in your file, as well described by the disclaimer. for this reason it is very important that you do not put any personal data or the signature on the form itself. Send it to a new email, do not reply to the one we sent you with the form link. In the subject indicate: Form Ref##1 of: (name and surname) and indicate the job position for which you are completing it. Unfortunately given the high number of questions, if your email is incomplete and doesn't include that specific subject, it will be discarded and we can't guarantee that we can ask you to do it again. Thanks for your cooperation. The form, if it suits you, can also be completed in ink, but only in block capitals. Thank you and we hope to have you with us.